Warfuck – Hype Comes & Goes

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Hype Comes & GoesAmidst  the bullshit and the trends that have hit various genres of music I hold dear, there will always be a handful of bands who carry their D.I.Y. ethic and stay true to themselves in the true spirit of their extreme music representation. Beyond the hype, beyond the trends and most certainly the popularity contest that I have watched unfold in recent

One such band is Warfuck, grindcore maniacs from Lyon, France, who recently released Hype Comes & Goes, which is the perfect summary of what I mentioned previously. I’m happy to report that it is an absolute banger of a release, which encompasses everything you’d want from a grindcore release, with a few surprises. The record rip-roars into life at the speed of light with some incredible riffs and some might fine drumming to help drive the malice and intent. It also has its own way of…

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